Axel is the sustainability strategist that is creating a better world for himself and others by plogging.

Environmental- and climate work is important for a lot of people but at the same time it often feels hopeless.

”Everything is happening somewhere else, what does it matter what we do in Sweden?” The answer is, not really that much and at the same time, it matters more than anything in the world. Plogging is a joy-filled activity in a world where environment is almost never mentioned in a positive context.

Plogging – To pick up garbage and jog in a group – is a movement that combines physical activity with picking up garbage. The movement started in 2017 and is growing all over the world. That the movement with the extremely Swedish name would become an international hit was pretty unexpected, but that’s what happens when the timing is right and it’s coming from the right place. Today, plogging is taking place in Mumbai, Quito, Cairo and Beijing.

To Axel, it’s a way to ride a positive wave, he talks about how a small action like picking up some garbage is opening our own consciousness, is giving us energy to make bigger changes and at the same time inspires others to take a step in the right direction.

RVSP to like usual – and just like usual, we’ll prepare a nice lunch for you to munch on while you’re listening.

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