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We all know how important good cooperation is. Good cooperation means working with openness and security, to create a collaborative culture. But how do we promote participation, engagement and effectivity when we don’t all work in the same place, when we’re worlds apart?

More and more teams work from different locations across the city, country or world, but the way we’re expected to work together seems to have remained unchanged. How do we make connections without that break by the office coffee machine every day? How do we work securely and with leadership when we rarely or never see each other?

During this session, we will look into how we can overcome the distance that’s born when we are not together, whether you’re working from home, freelancing from a café or your team is spread out in different offices. Let’s find a way to avoid those un-inspiring Skype meetings, where half the participants have switched their cameras off and conflicts are avoided simply by closing the laptop when the discussion heats up.

Learn@Lunch is our lecture series made to stimulate and inspire your head while simultaneously filling your stomach. Since we all have time for lunch, we thought we would kill two birds with one stone and present relevant and current topics and questions, offer lunch – and learn something new every time.

Johanna is a Kaospilot, Learning Designer, a proud co-creator of The Hows and has worked with development leading, leadership and team culture all around the world for the past 15 years. During the past years, Johanna has focused on exploring teams that work split up or remote, as well as teaching and creating online culture. She’s passionate about creating a positive change through personal development and thinks that a good learning experience allows you to apply your new knowledge immediately.

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