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Have you grown tired of climate news? Or are you one of those that soak up all the reports surrounding global warming? It’s hard to know if you should get behind the optimists today or add yourself to the group of pessimists and start mourning our future generations. It’s impossible to know exactly where we are, except that global warming has reached 1,1 degrees.

It is often said that we shouldn’t burden individuals with the changes that need to be made. But with that rhetoric, there will still be a bigger focus on sacrifices, rather than the gains of a more climate intelligent life. During this lunch lecture we will focus on increasing the knowledge within five areas – in order to be make better decisions and the big bonus; you will want to become more climate intelligent. If individuals are on the train, it will be much easier to make the big decisions, especially in regard to politics.

We will learn about 5 strategies that surround our everyday life – and that also are sustainable.

  1. Electronics don’t have to be unsustainable.
  2. Fashion is at it’ best when it’s circular
  3. Time to win – by limiting your food waste.
  4. Shares space, increased climate joy.
  5. Your transport – create your own triathlon.

Learn@Lunch is our lecture series made to stimulate and inspire your head while simultaneously filling your stomach. Since we all have time for lunch, we thought we would kill two birds with one stone and present relevant and current topics and questions, offer lunch – and learn something new every time.

Emilia Arvidsson is the MBA and journalist that got her climate awakening in 2018, which led to the book  Klimatglädje – 8 utmaningar för ett hållbart liv (Mima förlag 2019). The topic closest to her heart is the climate – with the starting point that climate anxiety can be a good thing in order to create consciousness, but you’re going to need feelings of a different caliber in order to have the strength to make a difference. What happens if we actually look positively on the changes that need to be made? Can they make life better?

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