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Brand consultant Fredrik Ekström from Above the Clouds offers insights from the new report – NXT Sustainable Consumer 2023, The Post Purpose Activist – He describes how brands can succeed in a troubled time of change through insight into “sustainability consumers”, where their hearts are right now, what provides status and spreads anxiety, as well as three green consumer profiles one should know and adapt their message for.

The NXT Sustainable consumer 2023 Report – The Post Purpose Activist  

An important challenge for anyone who wants to position their brand and drive consumption in a more sustainable direction is how to get their new methods to spread. That means going from the minority of highly Dedicated Pioneers to Anxious Activists and Eco-Swingers or sceptical consumers in general, where many are, at most, moderately committed to sustainability. Above the Clouds – Sustainable Consumer Readiness Index helps brands understand who they are talking to and how these profiles differ in their approach to sustainability, communication and relation to brand promises. Brands can use this to make better strategic choices and help them understand that not all consumers are dedicated like Dedicated Pioneers but also that not all consumers are as sceptical as Spectators or reluctant as Sustainability Zombies.

NXT Sustainable Consumer Report 2023, The Post Purpose Activist is a trend report based on expert interviews as well as quantitative data from a nationally representative sample of 2405 respondents in Sweden and Denmark. The report is part of Above the Clouds Future Series on sustainability and consumer behavior. It is released for the second year as a quantitative report in Sweden, but 2023 is the first year Denmark is also included in the report.

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Fredrik Ekström is a future-focused brand consultant and senior business advisor specializing in sustainability and brand development for lifestyle brands. He has over 20 years of experience working with brand activation, insights and development. His company Above the Clouds works on projects ranging from mobile technology, NFTs and Metaverse, eco-crypto strategies, purpose-driven sports and fashion companies, to outdoor brands.

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