sheila arnell

As International Women’s Day has just passed, we want to celebrate it together with all the lovely women at Helio! Sheila from About Yoga will teach you all about living a life in sync with your menstrual cycle. Combine this with a glass of bubbly and expand your female network.  

How do you live today? Do you feel disconnected from your natural rhythm? Can you feel your energy oscillating during your cycle? Do you know how your menstrual cycle works; you may have a brief understanding but wish to deepen your knowledge.

In a society ruled by action and performance, the feminine side can often be forgotten, which especially for women can lead us to feeling unwell and ending up out of balance. A sign of this may be that our menstrual cycle is disrupted or gives us problems. Maybe we don’t even know what’s normal anymore?

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of how to live a cyclical life and hopefully get some “aha moments” and inspiration to create better conditions to listen to your own body. You will get to know your menstrual cycle and get the tools to live a life in sync with yourself. Quite simply, a cyclical life!

We will go through the different phases of the menstrual cycle to understand the energy levels, what you can do to feel better, common problems, and the benefits of living in sync with your cycle.

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