Are you buying your christmas gifts last minute this year? We have compiled a list of 7 quick Christmas Tips from Helio’s members and partners.

From our new members Teaterlistan , you can buy a unlimited cultural experiences. For 290 SEK a month, you can visit as many of Stockholm’s best scenes as you want. Just like a Netflix, but the difference is that instead of being in front of a screen you will go out and meet real people! Teaterlistan gives all members of Helio a 10% discount on the gift card. Go to the following link: 

Our member Micael Dahlén is not only a professor, exercise addict and lecturer, but also the author of Nextopia, Kaosologi and Monster. Get it for someone in need of expanding their thinking, you will find the books here. 

Chocolate! Yes, no one can say no to really good, organic chocolate at Christmas time, right? From Beriksson, we have enabled the ability to purchase a Chocholate Tasting package with the Vietnamese award-winning chocolate for a special price of 150 SEK including shipping (Regular price 230 SEK). Marou began as a dream for two French people who wanted to start a new life in Vietnam, and has today become one of the world’s most award-winning chocolate producer. The New York Times called the chocolate for “The Best Chocolate you’ve never tried”. The chocolate package contains 5 different chocolate cakes with cocoa from five different provinces, á 24 grams. You can order the chocolate in Berikssons web shop: beriksson.seand enter “Julerbjudande Helio” as a message in the order.

Ninjas In Pyjamas is not only good at playing Counter Strike, they also have the perfect clothes for long days in front of the screen. Send an email to our Head Curator and you will get a code that gives you as a member of Helio 15% discount on all NiP merchandise. If the person receiving your gift likes it, our friends at Ninjas In Pyjamas loves to see pictures of it on social media hastagged with #GONINJAS and @NiPGaming. The offer is valid starting from December 15 to December 27.

Söder Runt has one of the fastest and most beautiful courses, as well as a legendary After Run (At our place!). During the Christmas season we offer you who purchase an entry a really stylish t-shirt to a special price. The perfect gift to yourself or someone you like very much. The t-shirt is of course Fair Trade and made in the best quality. Entry for Södern Runt (After Run on Helio is included) + t-shirt 470 SEK. (Regular price 570 SEK).

Paradiset – buy Christmas food among our members on Hötorget! 20% discount in the shop upon presentation of the Helio-app at checkout. Only applies to non-discounted items and from December 18- December 31, in other words ideal also for stocking up for the ecological New Year’s dinner.

Michael Glover is the name of our PT on the GT30, and he has put together a 30-minute work out that includes exercises, consultations and programs from Rebirth for the price of 400 SEK. Contact Michael directly at to shop!

Merry Christmas wishes we on Helio!

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