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The Corona crisis had barely loosened its grasp on Sweden, when the next crisis broke out. The security situation in the world has changed dramatically since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the instability in Europe has increased. The business world, authorities and the world economy are highly affected, and the uncertainty regarding future developments is significant.   That’s why Wings PR hosts a full day on leading and communicating amid a crisis. Intil group’s risk- and security expert Johan Wiktorin will talk about the security situation and tell us about the new threats toward Sweden, and how you can protect yourself and your organization. Travel- and crisis expert Lottie Knutson will share how to lead and communicate in a crisis. Journalist Janne Josefsson will talk about media development and crisis management from a journalist’s perspective. Hampus Knutsson will also talk about crisis management in practice. They’ll round off the day with a panel discussion with the respective directors of communications of the Social Democrats and the Moderate Party, Helena Salomonson (S) and Martin Borgs (M) will discuss the international situation, how the parties work with communication, plan their campaigns, how they handle crises within politics and the upcoming election.

We can now offer a discounted membership fee to all Helio members.

Day: Friday May 20
Time: 08.30-17.00
Place: Grev Turegatan 30, Stockholm
Price: Membership fee 1000 kr excluding VAT (original fee 8500 kr)

We offer free breakfast, lunch and mingling! The number of places is limited! Applications made to


What is Wings PR? Wings PR is specialized within crisis communication, media training, communication education, crisis exercises and media consultations. The office is located at GT30 and run by crisis- and media training specialist Hampus Knutsson, who has 15 years of experience with crisis communication, strategic advice, press work and internal communication.

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