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Finally! We can feel it, after years of glancing south to one of our favorite cities – Malmö. In K6, right by the town house, that’s where you’ll find us, in just a few months. Right now, we’re drawing up the café, putting down carpets in the atrium and finally, recruiting a group of amazing people to join us on our journey in building Malmö’s most lively coworking space.

We’ll have office spaces fit for companies with up to 500 employees and we’ll offer both short and long leases, depending on your needs. Our new, green, fresh-from-the-oven café is currently on the drawing table, while we’re also working on a streaming studio, finding speakers for the lounge and much more.

If you’re curious, or want to come in for a tour or work with us – we’re fast as lightning when answering our emails on Below is the full press release:

Svenska Hus and Helio in unique collaboration – making K6 an innovative coworking space in Malmö

Svenska Hus and office space provider Helio are commencing a collaboration involving K6 in Malmö. The concept includes everything from flexible office solutions with full service to gyms, lunch cafés, podcast studios and talks. – K6 is an amazing building and we’re extremely excited about this project, says Patrik Åström, CEO at Helio. This also marks our first establishment in Malmö, he continues, this will give us a chance to show what a coworking space could be like in the buzzing Öresund region.

Svenska Hus immediately saw the unique potential of the property, not only its golden location in the heart of Malmö, but also the amazing atrium. After an extensive renovation, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and the new deal with Helio will certainly make it more attractive, with service, conference spaces and after work perks.

– Coworking is here to stay, and complements future offices well, says Daniel Massot, CEO at Svenska Hus. Further, he says that with Helio, they will create Öresund’s most sought-after coworking space and conferencing space. This is where a creative environment and a nourishing network will produce a meeting place that people will enjoy being in.

– Helio is an incredibly creative entity within coworking, and their flagship office GT30 on Grev Turegatan in Stockholm was, granted, a huge reason behind why we chose them as partners, says Anana Hurtig, leasing manager at Svenska Hus.

A welcoming entrance is now being worked on in collaboration with Helio, who will run the building in its entirety, from the reception to the gym, servicing the building and their flexible offices.

– We’re excited to get to know Malmö and show you who we are, says Patrik Åström, CEO at Helio. We’ll be running an amazing building with a gym, lectures, a café with healthy food, a streaming studio and coworking spaces. We’re happy and proud to have Svenska Hus’ trust and take over and improve 11 500 sqm worth of office spaces for up to 500 people. K6 will be Helio’s first establishment in the buzzing Öresund region. But it surely won’t be the last.

Svenska Hus has already moved their regional offices to the building and the goal of their investment has been to create a lively destination for people with business in focus. Networking, community and transcendent service have been high on their priority list. Anna Hurtig thinks they’ve reached that goal.

– What Helio will offer is truly that “little extra”. To work out, eat a good and healthy lunch and stay for intriguing lectures and after works. Who wouldn’t want to work in that environment? You won’t grow by speaking to the same people every day, you’ll develop by meeting new people and learning from their lives and experiences.

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