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The world has never before been through such pervasive changes in such a short amount of time as it has in the past months. The virus has affected every aspect of society, from the illness it causes to how we work, shop, communicate and travel.

Changes that normally take decades to accomplish have been made in mere weeks. Now, some countries are beginning to open up again, and the question is what new habits will remain and what will be forgotten as fast as they came?

To find out, we will interview some of our Helio members to get their view on what the world will look like post Coronavirus. Paulina Modlitba, an expert on innovation, change and digitalization, also one of Sweden’s busiest moderators will host the interviews.

What our strong panel consists of:

Sofia Kacim – Rhetoric expert, lecturer and co-founder of HER Global Network as well as jury on TV-show Retorikmatchen. June 4, 12:00PM.

Micael Dahlen – Professor, author, futurist and “workoutholic”. May 25, 12:00PM.

Jens Orback – CEO of Global Challenges Foundation and previous Minister for Gender Equality. May 15, 12:00PM.

The interviews are live, and we encourage viewers to ask questions and make comments. The interviews will be streamed on Instagram Live. You’ll find us at @wearehelio.

(Photo: Jennifer Kivinen)

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