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Beneath the hard shell of computers is where the magic happens, or to be correct: programming. You have probably already heard about this thing with ones and zeros and how they somehow go together with programming, but isn’t it about time that you learn how it actually works? The journalist Marie Birde and computer genius Olga Stern has, with the help of a large number of fun facts, anecdotes and exciting human faiths explained all of this in their book “The secret life of Ones and Zeros”.

Aside from the cultural history of programming (did you know that the first programmers were women?), the book contains a great explanation of the principles of programming, expressions and buzzwords, algorithms, computer safety and finally; computer humor. The secret lives of Ones and Zeros will become the programming glasses you’ll never want to take off. You won’t just upgrade your common knowledge but will also be given all the prerequisites to start programming (that is if you actually want to, it is also fine just to have an understanding of how it all works).

Stop by Helio’s lunch lecture in order to get a glimpse into the culture history of programming as well as the background and feel the excitement about how the digital future belongs to us all!

Learn@Lunch is our lecture series made to stimulate and inspire your head while simultaneously filling your stomach. Since we all have time for lunch, we thought we would kill two birds with one stone and present relevant and current topics and questions, offer lunch – and learn something new every time.

Marie Birde is a journalist and is behind great things such as the cult magazine Darling, Stil in P1, KOKO (the country’s nicest magazine for children) and the blog Northforkstories (about food). Now she has written the book The Secret Lives of Ones and Zeros together with programmer Olga Stern.

Olga Stern isn’t just a fantastic programmer that has founded Genews.io (a service to help news agencies with gender-bias) and an award-winning squash player, she is also the best discussion partner, the most energetic suggester of documentaries and has a very pedagogic voice. She believes that the digital future is for us all. Together with journalist Marie Birde, she’s written the book The Secret Lives of Ones and Zeros, an energetic and inspirational introduction to programming!

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