When: March 22, 6pm

Where: Helio Hornstull

For who: We have a limited number of tickets for members of Helio

The 61st Edition of the Swedish short film festival has a full schedule when showcasing this year’s movies, seminars and SM (Swedish Championship) in one-minute-film. The Festival kicks off with the opening ceremony at Helio at Hornstull. Thereafter, the festival is held during two days in the cozy cinema Bio Rio filled with movie watching and a seminar with Sweden’s Youth Academy where we will be able to watch video from a scientific point of view. The Sunday happenings will take place at Dieselverkstaden in Sickla where we conclude the days with conversations around the awarded films of the year and the judgements from the jury.

This year’s theme is Identity. Identity affects people’s own self image and how they define themselves. Identity is shaped from childhood and is created in the interaction with the surroundings. All people are unique and that is a fact that the Swedish Short Film Festival wants to embrace and celebrate – regardless of age, race & sexual orientation. The Festival serves as a meeting place to discuss gender equality, representation, understanding and tolerance within the film industry and what is going on out in our society. We see that non commercial and artistic film play a very important role, and with this, we hope to inspire you to action.

During the Festival we are also hosting a SM (Swedish Championship) in one-minute-video. This is going to take place live in the movie theatre. The jury will evaluate the films in the same “minute” as our visitors. A nice event where everyone in the audience is involved in the election of the Swedish Champion of one-minute-video.

Read more about the set-up, schedule and the jury on the website:


If you want to know more about this year’s nominated movies, a program sheet containing this information will be released on March 8.

As a member of Helio, we have arranged 10 tickets just for you. Just send an email to our Head Curator, martin.tallvid@helioworks.se – first come, first serve!

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