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How you can strengthen your brand and increase sales even with small means.  

Today we are constantly being exposed to new impressions daily. Everyone wants to be seen and heard at the same time – everyone keeps trying to talk over each other and we have lost the idea of what it’s really all about. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to create a genuine trust clients and coworkers. That’s why it’s becoming more and more important to tell people who you actually are and why you are here.

During our new lecture series Good Morning, we will be combining inspiration and breakfast as a good start to the day, as we listen to Jenny Lindblad and Charlotte Mantell. They will share their experiences from their time at Ericsson building experience centers as well as lifting and strengthening the brand through storytelling, among other things.

In order to create customer experiences worth re-telling! 

They will also share how they are working together with smaller businesses today, as well as give tips for how you can raise customer experiences at your next event, meeting or future office, even with small means.

Charlotta Mantell is the experience designer who was headhunted by Ericsson because of her incredible creativityholistic views and her ability to predict new trends.

Jenny Lindblad has a social talent like no other. With experience from over 5000 presentations business leaders and royalty from all over the world, she knows how to get the message through with the help of sharp analysis. Because of this, she can strengthen the brand and increase sales.

As usual, we’ll be offering you a delicious breakfast while you’re getting inspired – RSVP here before November 27th or send an e-mail to our Head Curator where you can leave tips for future lecturers


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