Starting 2018, we have partnered with HER Global Network and expect to see more of Sofia, Alexandra, Romina and the others at Helio’s locations. HER is a global network with branches in the United States and 8 cities in Europe. You can read more about HER here. We grabbed Romina from HER to ask her a couple of quick questions.

Who are the people behind HER?

In Stockholm the team consists of Sofia Kacim * (founder), Aleksandra Avli (founder), Romina Mariano * (partnerships), Linnea Nyman (community), Kim Gynnerstedt (communication), and Aida Vrazalica (partnerships). Moreover we are located in 14 cities around the world with local founders in each city.

(* On the photo)

Why/when/where did HER start?

HER was founded in Stockholm in 2014 when Sofia and Aleksandra worked in politics, both realizing that there was no forum for women to share their personal experiences in an informal, open environment. They saw a need to create a new meeting platform where there would be less demands and more of a  a clear focus on helping each other going forward.

What are your plans for 2018?

2018 is a very exciting year! We will continue to expand and establish new HER networks, and during spring we will open up HER in Sydney, Singapore, Warsaw and Cape Town. We are extra excited about creating our very first HER network in an African country. In addition to the expansion, we’re planning for our big gala in May as well as multiple gatherings with continued strong topics & agendas. Some examples on topics are the focus on woman’s health linked to hormone intake through contraceptives – an issue which is discussed far too infrequently but touches and inhibits many women in their daily lives. Crypto currencies and economic power as well as women in politics with a focus on upcoming elections are examples of other topics that we will cover.

Who can be a member of HER?

A ‘ HER ‘ is a woman with a drive, passion and emotional intelligence that inspires others. She is ambitious and has a great interest in the society and is keen on lifting other women along the way. She pushes & supports other women while climbing up herself. A HER share her experiences but also setbacks for others to learn from and offers assistance to women who need it.

What will your collaboration with Helio look like and why was it that you wanted to be with us?

Helio was an obvious choice as we share the same values when it comes to both the engagement in equality, diversity, and the belief in the importance of networking to drive change. We will be hosting a recurring HER breakfast once a month in Helios venues around Stockholm. HER breakfast sessions brings together women from different backgrounds and industries where the focus is to build relationships with the people behind the business cards. We put together exciting and accurate topics and invite a leading woman in the area as the Guest of Honor. All HER gatherings are interactive meetings so discussions are always very active and at the same time personal, which is something we believe is crucial to push our topics forward.

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