Any thoughts about the future for breakfast?

On February 19th, Gather and Helio GT30 are inviting you to a futuristic breakfast. Take part in research around the future and this year’s most important trends during a future exploration with Paulina Modlitba. Registration and coffee from 8:00, the program starts at 8:30.

Paulina Modlitba / What are the most important questions for the future 2019?

In this session, Paulina will share some of the most distinctive and interesting trends that will affect GATHER’s content and focus during 2019, but you’ll also learn about the society and the world. We’ll go through some behavioral patterns, technical innovations that are on the verge of a breakthrough in the upcoming years, legal and ethical challenges and overall megatrends that affect everything.

Paulina Modlitba is the program editor at GATHER but also works as a consultant within business development and innovation. She has a background as an engineer with a degree from KTH and MIT Media Lab. Paulina has spent the last ten years developing new business and products with some of Sweden’s leading start-ups like Stardoll and Toca Boca and is running her own business for five years. She’s also part of the board of the burau FamiljenPangea and Rise SICS and have been a counselor for the IT-minister through Digitalizing Commission’s expert council. She was appointed as the Year’s Alumnus at KTH in 2018.


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