flora wiström

Together, Abundo and Helio present an inspirational lecture with the writer and blogger Flora Wiström, who will share her thoughts, tips, and reflections around her writing.

Flora wants to lower the threshold for writing and with her lecture, she wants to spread courage and joy of writing into her audience!

Flora describes her lecture – For a long time, I thought that I couldn’t write. That writers were a different type of person. They were born with a kind of talent that I didn’t possess.

I, who had been blogging since I was 12 years old and had always been writing, differentiated my writing from the writing of others. From the literary. The “real”. Until I started studying writing. Until I understood that you have to write in order to “be able to write”. That writing in many ways can be compared to a musical instrument. No one expects you to know how to play the guitar the first time it’s placed in your hands. So, how could you then be born a fully taught writer?

In my lecture, I talk about how I worked out my two novels (Stay, 2016 and Holding your breath, 2019), from the first note on my cellphone to the finished text. How I get started and what I do when I feel stuck. I also talk about how I found the ideas for my books and how to look for your own story.

I want to lower the threshold for writing. Why do painters nail their art to the walls, while we hide our texts in a drawer?

With my lecture, I want to spread courage and joy of writing into my audience.

This lecture is produced by Abundo in collaboration with Helio, exclusively for Abundo members, but as a Helio member you have the opportunity to take a part of this evening, so RSVP to martin.tallvid@helio.se  

The lecture is held in the “Bond” auditorium, a salon with comfortable cinema chairs. You are welcome to enjoy a meal in the restaurant Penny & Bill both before and after the lecture.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Arrive early or stay after to enjoy a bite to eat or drink in restaurant Penny & Bill.

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