Welcome to Learn @ Lunch at GT30 with Emelie Fågelstedt. Emelie is a digital strategist and expert at gig economy, telecommuting and the paradigm shift in how we work. She is also one of the founders of Svenska Nomader – Sweden’s largest meeting place for digital nomads. A digital nomad is someone who can work from anywhere using digital tools and with the world as their office. Emelie herself is  self-employed since eight years back, of which she has spent several years in Tokyo and London – working remotely for swedish clients. Today she runs a networked agency where she collaborates with other consultants and companies from Europe and Asia.

It is said that there will be a billion digital nomads year 2035; at the same time one talks about that more than half of the United States’s working population will be freelancers within just 10 years. Emelie’s lecture will give an introduction to the digital nomad life and what location-independent work might look like. She will give examples both from her own journey and also highlight the journey´s of other members in the network Svenska Nomader (Swedish Nomads). Emelie will also provide tips on how you can take the step to work remotely – and have a discussion about why more companies need to offer greater flexibility to continue to be attractive employers in the future.

Svenska Nomader (Swedish Nomads) is a network that brings together freelancers, contractors and employees who have an interest to work location independent. They also function as a platform for discussions with companies, organizations and the public sector on how to prepare for the future labour market. The network consists of a website, podcast, Vlog, and an active Facebook group. Svenska Nomader have also been spoken at Internetdagarna, Goto 10, Reglabs annual conference and Sidehustle Sthlm meet-up and are currently visible in Telia’s new webcast Work in Progress. During the Learn @ Lunch we offer – as always – a lunch and and open Q&A/Discussion afterwards!

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