Learn@Lunch with Susanne Halsius is a lecture about how self-awareness is a quality that’s growing in importance in a time of rising demands. Her speech is aimed at those who are curious about how people work and who want to use their full potential and see the purpose of a conscious, loving leadership!

SELF-AWARE– Deep dive into the importance and meaning of self-awareness and emotions in a time of rising demands on our ability to lead ourselves and others.

During Learn@Lunch on February 26th, we’ll go through the following:

  • To be in power
  • To live an authentic life – curious exploration
  • The meaning and strength of emotion
  • Your inner compass
  • Loving leadership
  • How to build genuine self-esteem and confidence
  • And, what’s holding us back

Susanne says that you are your biggest asset and when individuals embrace themselves fully, they access their potential and have the opportunity to be the unique gift they are to the world – No one else is you and that’s your strength!

Susanne has been interested in what it means to be a human being all her life. This has led to degrees in sociology, political science, coaching, yoga and latest, as a psychosynthesis therapist.

She has always wanted to know and understand how we access our strength, joy and purpose. Her unique purpose is to be a power for loving change – an incentive for others to see their unique inner beauty and strength!

Learn how to live the life you’ve always dreamt of and do it while you’re eating a really nice lunch but remember to RSVP to martin.tallvid@helio.se latest by February 21st to ensure a spot!

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