Each year, staff and members of Helio gather to wrap gifts for those who usually don’t receive many. We’ll also spend some time together enjoying glasses of glögg, listening to Just D and saying our goodbyes to each other ahead of the holidays. It’s open for all Helio members. 

The most important part of the night is that we collectively do something for others – we’ll set up the best wrapping station with paper and glitter in all colors and amounts, to wrap amazing gifts for those who really need them. Just like previous years, we’ll donate gifts to people who don’t have a home through Stockholm’s Stadsmission. As a guest, you may participate with a personal contribution. You can contribute with items like toothbrushes, underwear, warm clothes, socks, other hygiene items and food gift cards. Second hand items that are clean and in good condition are appreciated as well.

We look forward to a cozy Sunday with you, making Christmas a little better for others!


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