In collaboration with Doconomy, we’re doing the lecture series DO Talks about how we can influence the world for the better. First come, first serve, so register and we’ll see you at GT30.

It’s taken time but, more and more people are getting involved in the climate matter. They worry about the consequences of a warmer climate and are willing to make changes to their everyday life to contribute to a shift towards a sustainable future. But, when is the sustainable option the obvious option? What do the latest initiatives like Föräldravrålet and Vi håller oss på Jorden mean? How do we educate people and enterprises to keep our planet safe for the future?

In Docomo’s third DO Talk, we look closer at climate activism on several levels. Per Grankvist leads one talk with among others, Agnes Ozolins from the initiative Vi håller oss på Jorden, Frida Berry Eklund – Föräldravrålet, Elias Höckerfelt – SSE Students for Climate Action and Sven Junker, who researches sustainable markets at Stockholm School of Economics. Do Talks is a series of meetings where leading experts, current topics and discussions around the climate are in focus. Come and be inspired, share tips and good ideas for a sustainable life style.

The climate smart mobile bank service DO is launched in February, an app for everyone who wants to reduce their climate foot print and contribute to the climate goals of 2030. To take a look at your consumption and get involved in your private finances is an important way for us all to contribute to a more sustainable society. Doconomy, who is developing DO invites us to a third DO Talk at Helio GT30 for exciting discussions about fashion and climate with some mingle. DO Talk #3


Is climate activism the new social movement? Talk with guests; Agnes Ozolins from the initiative Vi håller oss på Jorden, Frida Berry Eklund – Föräldravrålet, Svenne Junker – Stockholm School of Economics

17.30  Mingle

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