When: 30 May 12.00

Where: Helio Hötorget

Who: Members of Helio

How: RSVP to martin.tallvid@helioworks.se no later than May 24th

If you live in Sweden, you already belong to the world’s richest 5%, giving you a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the world. This Learn @ Lunch is about the subject “How to be inspired to make the best of out that opportunity”.

Effective Altruism is a growing global movement with the philosophy of improving the world as much as possible. The movement includes Dustin Moskovitz (one of Facebook’s co-founders), Rachel Glennerster (Chief Economist for UKs equivalent to SIDA), José Gonzales and others. These effective altruists combines empathy with data and rationality in order to maximize the benefits of their resources (such as time or money). A career covers approximately 80.000 working hours and how these are being spent can make a great difference. During the lunch we will share personal experiences and provide tips on how you can think and act in your current career.

During the lunch you will meet the General Secretary of Effektiv Altruism Sweden –  Markus Anderljung. Markus studied at Cambridge University and has since spent his career on trying to effectively contribute to a better world. Markus began his career as a management consultant at EY, to build career equity, ‘earn to give ‘ and did then in December 2017  begin a new journey as a full time General Secretary at Effektiv Altruism.

Do you want to know exactly how rich you are? Click here: https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/get-involved/how-rich-am-i/

Do you want to know more about effective altruism? Listen on this podcast with Mark: http://fritanke.se/podcast/25-att-gora-gott-battre/

During the Learn @ Lunch we will – as always – give you a free lunch and the opportunity to network with other participants.

RSVP to Helios Head Curator, martin.tallvid@helioworks.se, if you have any allergies please inform us about them in your RSVP – THANKS!

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