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Abundo and Presens Impro present Comedy Bambi – an entirely new humor concept where famous stand-up comedians stand like fawn on slippery ice and do improv together with some of Sweden’s absolute best improvisors! Petter Bristav guests the premiere on December 11. 


What do the stars Stephen Colbert, Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrel, Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, T.J. Miller and Maya Rudolph have in common?

Answer: They all have roots in Impro Comedy – and in Sweden, Presens Impro leads that style of humor.

Impro Comedy is the newest form of comedy from the USA. It involves completely improvised sketches which create a thrilling energy in the room that often makes the laughter more real than any other form of humor.

In the US, Impro Comedy is the hottest form of humor, both on the live scene and in podcast format. Comedy Bang Bang, Off Book: The Improvised Musical och Improv4Humans is leading, and soon, Sweden will also get its hands on a podcast of the same spirit!

Together with Presens Impro, we present COMEDY BAMBI – a live podcast where the genius of improv-comedy shines through. Welcome!

The improvisors are My Gudmundsdotter, Erik Broström, Amanda Lindmark and Elias Bjärgvide and tonight’s Bambi is comedian Petter Bristav.

About Petter Bristav:

Petter worked as a cloakroom attendant at Norra Brunn and was inspired by other comedians to enter the comedy business after some time.

Petter has worked on and produced the latest seasons of Släng dig i Brunnen, and has also worked on TV-productions such as Extra Extra, Roast på Berns, Cirkus Möller and Partaj as well as writing and editing sketches for SVT Humor.

Petter Bristav is also famous for “Till Slut Kommer Någon Att Skratta” (“TSKNAS”)” – a podcast that Zara Larsson, Fredrik Wikingsson, Adam Alsing, Henrik Schyffert, Alex Schulman, Magnus Betnér, Petra Mede, Erik Niva and Timbuktu, amongst others, have been guests at.

We have a number of tickets for our Helio members – send an email to and put “Helio member” in the subject bar and the tickets are yours!

The lecture will be held at the “Bond” auditorium, a lounge with comfortable cinema seats. Before and after the lecture, you can grab a bite to eat at the restaurant Penny & Bill or try one of the drinks at the mythical bar A Bar Called Gemma.

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