christian von essen

We once again have the joy of presenting an inspirational lecture with Christian von Essen! Christian’s lecture was previously loved by 90% of the audience and he received brilliant reviews. We have a limited number of tickets to this lecture – email if you’re interested! 

What do the experts really say about the future? This lecture mixes the development of technology and opportunities with humor and system changes. 

The future is bright, but it is us humans who must create it together. With humor and safety, Christian von Essen turns the spotlights to the questions that will saturate our future.

The news can give us the impression that the world is about to end. But, the world is actually improving in many aspects. Within many industries, large successes with huge potential to help provide better development for mankind as a whole are in the making.

Freelance journalist Christian von Essen has this bright future in focus. In his podcast Heja Framtiden – “Go Future” –  he has interviewed more than 150 different future researchers, industry experts, philosophers, consultants and entrepreneurs. Through this podcast, Christian has laid a thrilling puzzle of today’s and the future’s combined trends within technology, society, culture and industry.

During this lecture, he will guide you through his 10 biggest insights gathered from all these meetings and talks, books and seminars. 

The lecture will be held in the “Bond” auditorium, an auditorium with comfortable theatre seats. You will be able to grab a bite to eat at the restaurant Penny & Bill or try one of the drinks at the infamous bar A Bar Called Gemma.

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