Welcome back to reality!

For some, the last week of vacation feels infinitely long and you just want to push the pedal to the metal and dive right into fall. Others feel like the vacation disappeared faster than a Calippo in 30 degrees, and it takes several weeks to get used to waking up by an alarm instead of birds chirping.

Whatever your reason, it’s worth it to keep the vacation-feeling for a couple more weeks. Here are our 5 best hacks to make summer feel endlessly long!

1. Walk & talk! Forget about the meeting room and instead take your meeting for a walk in the sun. Discover a changed focus and higher efficiency. There’s plenty of research to suggest that we get a more personal connection to each other when we put away all electronics and instead breathe fresh air during our meetings.

2. Get to work by walking, running or biking. Most people in Stockholm spend about 5-10 hours a month on commuting to work, and maybe it’s about time you spend some time outdoors instead of observing the inside of the subway? There’s at least 2 more months of perfect weather to enjoy some fresh air.

3. Think before the storm. It’s easy to fill up your calendar with everything between the Earth and the sky but try to create some oversight in order to avoid having your fall completely run by people’s calendar invites. Schedule longer blocks of time, for example every Thursday in your calendar, and keep the time free from appointments and take the time to focus on work.

4. Flex your time! The evenings are still bright, so take the chance to arrive early to work and spend a summer evening by the lake with your childhood friend or take a bike ride in the forest.

5. Book your next holiday. High season for travel agencies is the period when people return to work – our brains need something to look forward to. And for it to work as something to look forward to, it doesn’t have to be a trip around the world along with shark diving – a trip out to the Swedish archipelago is enough for the vacation spirit to remain. Bon Voyage!

Fall, here we go!

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