Your content, voice and posture. Your gaze, tone of voice and your breathing. This is the foundation of the image you make for yourself as a speaker, which paves the way for how you’ll be received. You’re welcome to meet Amanda Ooms and Kristina Windrup Olander from Spikinc in an enchanting digital meeting in collaboration with the recruitment agency Huvudverket and Underverk.

Everyone knows what kind of confusion a contradictory body language can cause, but few realize that it can be changed with a simple trick. Kristina and Amanda coach top business people in how to prepare and how to execute successful presentations. By focusing on their target group, wishing for an impact, using thought through content and their style of performance, the duo makes sure that no one is left without an impression. For an inspiring hour, you will be given examples of what it takes to enchant your audience.

Target group: Anyone with the will, curiosity and ambition to develop in the art of becoming a person that others listen to.

Watch the meeting through this YouTube Live link.

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