End of Summer (what a bummer)

6-7 September

Like a farewell letter to the lovely Swedish summer, Helio is opening the door to the exhibition End of Summer (what a bummer) for a weekend in September. It’s sneaky. Tomas Ledin once very precisely said that other than it being short, it also –for the most part- rains away. Even if Tomas might have a point here, it feels kind of pessimistic to describe this beautiful season in such negative words. Sure, it rains sometimes, a week or two and sure the mosquito-bites itch a little too much sometimes… BUT when the sun does shine, the ice cream is unpacked and shorts are worn over our milky white legs, there are very few things that can beat the Swedish summer then.

Long live summer! And ice cream!

Contributing artists

  • Peter Jeppson (SWE)
  • Lung (UK)
  • August Nilsson (SWE)
  • Jenny Palén (SWE)
  • Malarko (UK/BCN)
  • Rebecka Burkhalter (SWE)
  • Cissi Efraimsson (SWE)

Contributing photographers

  • Dennis Olsson (SWE)
  • Johannes Frandsén (SWE)
  • Neha Hirve (IND)
  • Erik Nylander (SWE)


CHPO, OP Andersson, Urskog, MarshallNord skateparks


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