AI tools for image, video and music make it possible to turn an idea into a finished result faster than ever before. But what happens if AI also becomes a creative partner that inspires and challenges human thoughts about what to create and why?

Participation in physical form:

  • Petra Jääskeläinen, researches ethics and sustainability in AI art at KTH
  • Rafael Coimbra, leads AI development at Epidemic Sound
  • Carl-Michael Herlöfsson, music producer, songwriter and co-founder of the music technology company Moodelizer

Crystallized thoughts from:

  • Niki Lindroth von Bahr, animator and artist
  • Jens “Duvchi” Duvsjö, artist, songwriter and music producer
  • Katarina Blom, psychologist, author and TV presenter

The conversation will take place in a different way, where digital voices take their place among the physical ones, all according to the motto “interesting & weird”.

Open Sea organizes a natural wine bar, and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are offered. 18-21.

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