Who: Robin Sjöstrand, Community Manager

Where: Helio Hornstull

Our philosophy is to make people, ideas and industries connect, and one of the people right in the middle of it is Robin Sjöstrand, Community Manager at Hornstull. Robin was born in Ekenäs in Finland, has an estimated amount of 333 tattoos hidden under his work clothes, has taken care of Pamela Anderson every time she visited Helsinki and shown Bam Margera from Jackass Stockholm’s graffiti scene in Snösätra. In his spare time Robin likes to paint and being out in the nature with his dog. His colleagues describe him as a social genius, he describes himself as kind.

Robin! What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wanted to be a baker! This was my goal until I had the chance to be an intern at a bakery during High School and I realized that bakers started working at three in the morning … There my childhood dream was crushed pretty quickly.

What did you do before you started working at Helio?

I worked as a concierge at a large hotel here in Stockholm. Before that I ran a tattoo studio for 15 years as a shop manager. I have sold and performed 15000 tattoo consultations all in all. I have also worked as a moderator and speaker at all of the largest tattoo fairs in Scandinavia.

What have you been able to take with you from the job as a moderator and concierge service to your job here at Helio?

How to talk to different types of personalities and interact with people differently in order to get them to feel comfortable, heard and seen both individually and in groups. That knowledge I am able to use every day on Helio.

Helio have an ambition to make sure that all members should love Monday mornings. So tell us, what do you do on an ordinary Monday morning at Helio?

Haha! In fact, I have always been taking Mondays off! I usually eat a good breakfast, fix some arrands, fix with my cars and go out in the forest with my dog. Above all, I am being very antisocial and silent on Mondays in order to boost me up to give our members a magic week when I join in and have my pretend-Monday, on Tuesday!

Our members come from a very mixed background. What benefits have you seen connected to the high amount of variations of the different companies?

The environment becomes more interesting and creative for all of us to be in. It opens up for creative solutions between different sectors and provides a basis for good conversations in the coffee breaks!

What is the most common sentence you say every day at work?

“Of course!”

You have worked with us on Hötorget in one year, for a period of time on the GT30, and will now be at Helio Hornstull and Helio Kungsholmen.  What do you think is the best quality for each of our locations?

GT30 is the flagship! Where can you do what you do best. It is an epicenter of opportunities! Hötorget is smaller but has many members, so it’s easy to get everyone to feel at home. The community feeling is amazing.  At Kungsholmen there are many journalists which provides a unique special vibe, it’s a very educational environment. Hornstull, my personal favorite! It is the coolest location with the most street cred!

If you were to open a new Helio-facility anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Skanstull! (After thinking about Barcelona for a while. But opted out of it.)

And finally, Robin, would you get a tattoo that said “Helio” on your body?

Yes. In exchange for … a company car!


A Jeep Cheerokee from 1997.

Thanks Robin!

If you are eager to know more about Robin he says that you are more than welcome over (all days except Monday) for a cup of coffee at Hornstull and he promises to tell you more. And if you want to see him every day, you should check out our memberships here.

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