Together, Abundo and Helio present an inspirational lecture with the memory master Jonas von Essen.

Is it possible for anyone to achieve a first-class memory?

Jonas lets you explore his miraculous journey from a forgetful dreamer into a two-time memory world-champion.

During only 6 months he went from barely remembering his girlfriend’s phone number to beating the world elite in the memory world championships. Since then, he has participated in everything from Chinese TV-shows as well as Swedish reality TV to Australian car-commercials. In the spring of 2018, he almost made it all the way to victory in TV4’s “Talent”, after memorizing the first 50 000 decimals in pi!

A technique so easy that anybody can learn it hides behind his phenomenal memory ability. At the same time, it’s so entertaining that the audience at Jonas’ lectures often fold over from laughter.

Through a mesmerizing mix of interactive exercises with the audience, jaw-dropping memory-demonstrations and fascinating explanations, the listener is taken through a color-popping account of how chin-jumping kangaroos, a rocket-launching Dolly Parton and an angry guy with a chicken drumstick in his eye can help them remember just about anything they want!

This lecture is produced by Abundo in collaboration with Helio, exclusively for Abundo members, but as a Helio member you have the opportunity to take a part of this evening by RSVP-ing to  

The lecture is held in the “Bond” auditorium, a salon with comfortable cinema chairs. You are welcome to enjoy a meal in the restaurant Penny & Bill both before and after the lecture

FOOD & BEVERAGE: Arrive early or stay after to enjoy a bite to eat or drink in the restaurant Penny & Bill.


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