We like nice and fun offices and we’re not alone. But in spite of that, many people in Stockholm are forced to sit in depressing, boring and ugly offices day in and day out. We think it affects how you feel and how you work.

The contest about Stockholm’s ugliest office is starting now, where the winner, together with three colleges get a membership with us for six months. That means four flex spaces in one of our eight locations around town, for six months.

To take the chance to win you need to email a nomination with a few sentences and 1-4 pictures of your work space to fulastekontor@helio.se or hashtag #stockholmsfulastekontor on Instagram (and make sure your profile is public). You can take part in this whether you’re working on your own from your kitchen table (provided it’s an ugly kitchen table) or in a company office. The winner will be crowned on November 6th.

We reserve the rights to republish material that is sent in.

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