Welcome to Helio GT30 on October 31st for a screening of one of Netflix’s most important movies. Take the opportunity to see Chasing Coral in a new context together with a presentation by Chooose, the world’s only platform for climate positivity.

Bolt is Netflix’s official screening partner for the movie and prizewinner Chasing Coral. It’s one of the most talked about documentaries on Netflix and it tells the partly depressing story about how the coral reefs and many other eco systems are dying. Only during last year, 29% of the corals in the Great Barrier Reef died. What will happen this year?! It’s very hard to take in, that it’s us, people who are destroying the rainforests of the ocean – but there is hope.

You have the possibility to hit the brakes, besides showing the touching events of the corals’ mass death, we’re also presenting how businesses, brands, products and individuals can contribute and at the same time stand proud and safe in a question that engages but that no one but a mad man would consider controversial.

After the movie, Andreas Slettvol from Chooose will talk about how it’s possible to connect products, brands and organizations to something that could actually change the world and save the planet. For brands that care, this is a chance to send a message to your customers – we care!

Chooose is one of the most celebrated startups of 2017, they’re already established in many places around the world. When this year is over, 150 million tons of CO2 emissions will have been prevented since the startup.

Chooose is not only one of Richard Branson’s favorites, but also a favorite of all the products and brands that want to make a difference by commitment that inspires and speaks to people. By successful collaborations with for example Pwc, Red Bull, Tdc, Storebrand, Diamond League and others, Chooose has shown the road for a future where you can stand for something that every modern person can relate to – a want to save the planet.

Sign up to Helio’s Head Curator martin.tallvid@helioworks.se, latest by October 25th – Spaces are limited, so first come, first serve.

We’ll meet at the AW bar at Penny & Bill around 17.30 and will continue with a screening and presentation at 18.00. After that, we’ll finish off with some buzz and good prices in the bar. Yes, and if you have any questions about what you just experienced, we’ll be happy to answer them.

Of course, the screening is free!

See you!

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