In collaboration with Svensk Form, we’d like to welcome you to Pecha Kucha (ペチャクチャ)  a presentation format from Japan, where tonight’s speakers will have 6 minutes and 40 seconds to convey their message divided in 20 slides, that will each be displayed for 20 seconds.

We open at 19:30 with special prizes in our award-winning bar Penny & Bill and with a specially designed drink for tonight – The first speaker will be on stage 20:20

Tonight’s speakers:

Anna-Karin Bergkvist – Designer “Gamification for good” –

Maja Magnusson – Go 2 Market for WRLDS “Open Source is the secret sauce” –

Jens Klitgaard Nelsson -“I want to do everything” Freelance writer, screenwriter, songwriter, editor and publisher –

Karl-Oskar Gustafsson – Film maker “Dancing Cameras: choreography as a tool in documentary filmmaking” –

The images will automatically change, which forces the speaker to keep on schedule the entire time. Pecha Kucha are informal and fun nights where creative people gather and exchange ideas, pitches, thoughts, holiday photos – anything really – everything in the Pecha Kucha 20 x 20 format.

Svensk Form are ambassadors for PechaKucha in Sweden but was founded in 2003 by the Japanese architect duo Klein-Dytham in Tokyo.

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