When: April 24 12.00

Where: Helio GT30

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half. “  This quote still applies to many of us, despite the fact that we can now measure most of our online actions & activities.

On average, an online purchase is preceded by more than five visits to the website. Often the clicks come from multiple marketing channels, so how do you know which channel actually create the sale? To be able to evaluate ones marketing efforts you also have to understand how a client’s empowered buying journey actually looks like and which channels that influence a purchase. Many measure ROI on marketing efforts just on last click but the customer journey often starts long before that.

Divvit works with analysis of sales online and has, with the help of Machine Learning, evaluated which channels that drive the most sales.

Divvits founder David Lahm presents the results and talk about online shopping behavior and evaluation of marketing and sales.

During the Learn@Lunch you’ll have the opportunity to network with other participants.

RSVP to Helio’s Head Curator, martin.tallvid@helioworks.se latest by April 20th, if you have any allergies please inform us about them in your RSVP, THANKS!

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