How your numbers can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Do you want to double your income, stop working in 5 years or maybe be able to buy the latest Tesla? To know your numbers is a prerequisite for being able to reach your goals and dreams. If you also write down and follow up on clear goals, the chances are that you will succeed.

”The 3 percent that write down their goals earn 10 times more than the other 97 percent put together”

During this lunch, Keeper’s CEO Hanna Montoya will go through clear business examples.

She’ll explain what the numbers tell you and what you can do about them. They call it cash management.

When you understand your numbers, you can set up goals for your business. From there you can make various changes.

It’s about designing your business – Business by design not by default. Maybe you have a PT for your body/health, why not get a PT for your business so that you can achieve your dreams and goals.

Take the chance to get some good tips while you’re enjoying a good lunch. Our treat here at Helio, as usual – RSVP to by February 27th latest to secure your spot!

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