The success pod “Mord Mot Mord” is coming to Helio Hornstull for the first time to go LIVE! Anna Sandell and Karin Londré each go through a murder case in great detail, in the true crime podcast Mord Mot Mord and then a little extra.

Welcome to a just creepy enough evening for those who don’t scare easily or those who are terrified but can’t help being fascinated. Karin Londré and Anna Sandell talk about their best and worst fascination in Mord Mot Mord every week – murder. It’s a perfectly normal pod, but about evil hasty death, consisting of some chitchat in an attempt to deal with the world’s most serious topic.

RSVP to martin.tallvid@helioworks.sefor a golden ticket to a night you won’t forget…

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