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Learn@Lunch a lecture series presented to stimulate and inspire you while simultaneously filling your stomach. Since we all have time for lunch, we’ll kill two birds with one stone and present relevant and current topics and questions, offer lunch – and learn something new every time.

“Sustainable fashion – Hold in, hold on & hold together” 

In a time of climate anxiety and the need for sustainable change, how are we supposed to be a part of a positive and inspiring movement together, so that we can enjoy fashion from our own styles every day, while simultaneously pushing the sustainable evolution forward?

This Learn@Lunch with Maria Lagerman is about sustainable fashion and alternative ways to approach fashion and style, but also how our brains react (and often work against it) when we try to change our habits. Something that means that we have to actively look for the motivation to try, reflect and repeat in order to get a chance to acquire new positive experiences in order to establish new thinking patterns and behavior.

By learning about our fashion habits and brains functions, we can expand our opportunities to reach new goals!

In this case, a goal to find a more sustainable way to approach fashion and fashion consumption.

Maria Lagerman has worked with the development of sustainable fashion in Sweden for the last 7 years, mainly focusing on Re-design as well as the brand Remake, which won Elles sustainability award in 2019. She works as a consultant in her own business and is driven by the potential to create a more sustainable fashion industry and inspire a more sustainable fashion consumption. She lectures, product manages and consults towards a sustainable business development.

As usual, we’ll offer a delicious lunch while you’re getting inspired – RSVP before September 16th by CLICKING HERE or send an e-mail to our Head Curator  where you are also welcome to give recommendations for future lecturers.

If you’re feeling curious about Maria Lagerman and what she’s doing, you can check it out HERE.



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