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A lecture by the writers behind the most transparent portrait of Sweden’s biggest export since IKEA and H&M. 

Learn@Lunch is a lecture series created to stimulate and inspire your mind while at the same time filling your stomach. Since we all have time for lunch, we’ll kill two birds with one stone and present relevant and current topics and questions, offer lunch – and learn something new every time.

Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud tells the story of how Spotify became the greatest, along with how the box truck almost drove off the road, as well as lessons for those building their own businesses.

On a warm evening in July 2011, an excited Daniel, the young CEO of Spotify, celebrated the launch in America with a party in Silicon Valley’s most expensive house. The road to this point had been lined with mysterious delays. A little bit further away, there was a simple brick house belonging to Steve Jobs, the man who tried to stop this moment from ever happening.

Apple’s founder uses the music in iPods and iPhones as a weapon in the “holy war” against Google and Android phones. But now a challenger has entered the world’s biggest music market. The Swedes don’t care about downloads and are instead offering all this music, streamed for free.

But if Daniel Ek thought that the fight was over on this warm summer night, he would soon learn that the war had just begun.

Spotify from within takes itself behind the curtain to show how a group of Swedes sacrifice everything for one big idea. With strong convictions, unbeatable willpower and big dreams, they were able to rock the biggest technology business in the world.

The writers are journalists at Dagens Industri and Di Digital. They can also be heard in Digitalpodden. Jonas Leijonhuvfud, born 1974, has also worked for SvD Näringsliv and Dagens Nyheter. Sven Carlsson, born 1986, has a background stemming from SvD Näringsliv as well as the news agency AFP.

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Photographer: Fredrik Hjerling


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