Learn at Lunch is a lecture series produced to stimulate and inspire your mind, while simultaneously filling your stomach. Since we all have time for lunch, we thought we would kill two birds with one stone and present relevant and current topics and questions, offer lunch and learn something new every time.

Food & Friends have been doing the annual investigation Food Report since 2011. It is based on questionnaires from 1000 Swedes who answer questions about their eating habits as well as attitudes towards food, beverages and mealtimes.

Welcome to Learn@Lunch where we will go through the report together with Pontus Dahlström, who is both a trained chef as well as a marketer. He has combined these two interests at the communications burau Food & Friends for 16 years. With a unique insight into how we shop for, cook and eat food in Sweden, Pontus is also a regular guest in media.

As always, we offer a delicious lunch while you are inspired – RSVP before June 14th to  martin.tallvid@helio.se or CLICK HERE

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