Come and listen to Mose Haregot and his view on future communication, ask questions about how Society Icon’s unique solution works and learn more about Influencer Marketing at GT30 on September 11th. RSVP to as usual – and just like usual we’ll prepare a nice lunch for you to munch on while you’re listening.

The VD and founder of Society Icon, Mose Haregot has 12 years’ experience in social media work. His focus on breaking through the white noise for the brands he’s worked for and with is what has made him so successful. His ability to see trends, innovative thinking and high-performance power has led to many successful projects together with the teams he’s worked with.

He’s been the chief at SBS and Channel 5, sales manager at the Gasell company NJIE and started influence businesses in New York. He’s also played a part in running one of the most well-known influencer marketing agencies in Sweden.

For the last two years, he’s been running Society Icon, where the entire business idea is based on democratizing influencing for everyone as well as discovering new stars. The whole idea is based on a person being the center of the communication of the future. Society Icon is representing 3400 people today with 1000 – 150 000 followers spread across the country. With their technical platform, they streamline and simplify the work with influencer marketing. Today, they have some of Sweden’s biggest brands on their customer list and they’re about to expand further.

Come and listen to how Mose Haregot view the communication of the future, ask questions about how their innovative and unique solution works and learn more about Influencer Marketing.

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