hasan franson

What does it take to become the world’s smartest man? Is Hasan Fransson one of the smartest people to walk in a pair of shoes or is it all just another way to rank highly on Google and have talking points to start conversations with?

Hasan Fransson is an experienced SEO consultant who runs  Raqs SEO-byrå together with Sofia. He helps companies be visible at exactly the right moment when someone is searching and wants to buy. 9 out of 10 purchases start with a Google search. What is it that makes certain search results rank higher than others?

Learn how to optimize your website and rank highly on the world’s largest search engine when someone searches for your services.

You will get:

  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Free tools to optimize your website
  • The opportunity to ask questions to the smartest man in Sweden

RSVP via the app or to maria.gonzalez@helio.se latest January 16th.

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