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We can finally tell you that we’re building our ninth Helio office inside an amazing building on Slottsbacken in the Old Town. Right across from the Royal Palace, you’ll find the Fleming Palace, a palace from the 1600’s with views of Grand Hotel, the National Museum and the Stream. In the coming months, we’ll be decorating and renovating each and every corner of the building. The first offices will be ready after summer. We’re making offices, lounges and conference rooms for 250 members, and of course, you’ll be able to book conference rooms without being a member! Read more about Slottsbacken and schedule a showing here!

Press release 2021-06-07

Helio opens office across from the Old Town Palace 

The Fleming Palace will be the next part of Helio’s expansion, right on Slottsbacken with views of the Stream and Grand Hotel. The property was built in the 1600’s and carries a rich history, and the new establishment brings together the building’s unique character and decadence and paintings with current times – yoga, Zoom meetings and social events included. Helio will rent the entire property and all five floors of the building are now under complete renovation. 

“We’ve worked on many unique buildings, but this will be the first time we’re moving into a real palace. We’re making plans for a social hub packed that’s health focused – inhouse gym, yoga and track club. Environments that you can’t find elsewhere. Our creative team has already started thinking about how to combine 1650 and 2021 – and it sure looks intriguing. Being the King’s neighbor is another fun bonus!”, says Patrik Åström, CEO of Helio. 

In the new Helio Slottsbacken, there will be 40 offices of different sizes, large common lounge areas, member kitchens, conference rooms and a gym. Members will be able to enjoy seminars, breakfasts, a track club and yoga each week. Just like all Helio units, external clients will be able to book spaces for the day or a couple of hours for a workshop. Renovations are underway and the first spaces will be ready for move-in in August.

“We’re greatly looking forward to working with Helio and starting a new chapter for the Fleming Palace. Working on a 400-year-old building requires a hefty bit of creativity, and with Helio, we’re creating a fantastic product that really does the property justice. We wish Helio and their members a warm welcome to Slottsbacken!”, says Gunilla Svensson, CEO of Dina Försäkring. 

Slottsbacken will be Helio’s eighth establishment in Stockholm and ninth in total. The property on Slottsbacken was previously a coworking space by The Castle, and with Helio’s purchase of The Castle, both the space and their members will become Helio Slottsbacken.

About Helio

Helio develops the next generation of coworking offices with focus on people, activities, design, food and health. Today, you can find Helio on nine locations in Stockholm and Malmö, with 65 employees. The concern was founded in 1998 and is a global pioneer of coworking.

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We are 6 insurance companies in Sweden working together under the common name Dina Försäkring. You can find us on multiple locations around the country, from Lund in the south to Piteå in the north. Established in 1768, Dina Försäkring has experience of insuring the things you care about to help you make your everyday life easier.


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