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Welcome to an inspiration breakfast about Sparks Generation and their insights on youths!

Alexandra Kook, founder and operations manager of Sparks Generation will share her insights on youths and how the company works to attract young people, help them find their passion and become the best version of themselves.

Sparks is a newly launched digital platform that inspires youths between the ages of 10-16 to find an interest and take part in local activities. They do this for teenagers to help fill their free time with meaning, to learn new things and to meet new friends. Together with SPARKS Influencer ambassadors RMM (Random Making Movies, 620K subscribers ), Penny Parnevik (240K followers), Wilma & Emil Holmqvist (460K followers and 215K subscribers), Sparks has managed to inspire thousands of young people and helped hundreds to try new activities in over 20 locations in Sweden. Sparks Generation is an organization that is financed by donations and contributions. Among the supporters are Familjen Erling-Perssons Stiftelse, Skandia:Idéer för livet, James Burke Foundation and Vinnova, Social innovation steg 1.

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