amanda soltanian

Gen Z, today’s young people are digital pioneers that were pretty much born online. The uncertainties of this world – politically, economically and socially – have made them strong and hard working. At the same time, new information technology has made them aware and well-informed like never before. They’ve seen the world from all perspectives, and they think in 4D. 

Isn’t it fitting for businesses and employers to ask themselves: how are we to react to these loyal and independent new talents? Is it by paying high salaries, giving them cool titles or the opportunity of an international career? Or is it by creating security, a strong business culture and a bigger purpose than just work?

During 45 interactive minutes, Amanda Soltanian tells us about how to attract the talents of the future by building your own, trustworthy vision of the future based on your company’s current situation. This is a free event, first come, first served. RSVP to

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