jens orback

The world has never before been through such pervasive changes in such a short amount of time as it has in the past months. The virus has affected every aspect of society, from the illness it causes to how we work, shop, communicate and travel. We’re doing a LIVE interview with Jens Orback, CEO of Global Challenges Foundation, pioneering the development of global decisions-making models that can minimize and possibly eliminate the largest global disaster risks that threaten humanity in a better and and fair way.

Clear your calendar for May 15, 12:00 PM for a live interview on Instagram Live. Our account is @wearehelio.

Helio Sessions is an interview series where members of Helio discuss what the world will look like post Coronavirus. Helio Sessions are live streamed on Instagram, and questions from the public are welcomed. Our hostess is Paulina Modlitba, an expert on innovation, change, digitalization, as well as one of Sweden’s busiest moderators. 

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