Generation Z – the next generation wants a hefty pension

They are many. They have grown up online. But they are not at all what you think.

Grown up during a financial crisis, a refugee crisis, and climate anxiety. Conservative and liberal all rolled up into one. Not used to social interactions in real life. Generation Z will make new demands on you as an employer, colleague and entrepreneur.

The trademark and employer branding bureau Brandcentric have studied current research and debates surrounding the generation born after 1995, following generations X and Y. The first research was done in 2016 and it’s now time for the follow-up.

During this Learn@Lunch, you will get important insight into how you should engage with the new generation that is putting old values to the test.

Brandcentric knows how you should take care of and develop your employer trademark in order to attract new coworkers who can be a part of creating the future. Welcome to Learn@Lunch, where you will get a better understanding of the expectations and demands that you need to know and act on today.

As usual, we will, of course, provide a wonderful lunch while you’re getting inspired – make sure to secure your spot. RSVP to before May 10th.

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