At Helio, we love dogs, and one of the most common questions we receive is whether dogs can accompany their owners to our coworking spaces. For us, it’s a natural part of our vision for a human-friendly and social office environment. An office with pets simply becomes a more enjoyable place to be, fostering interactions between people. To make this work smoothly in practice, we have a few guidelines in place:

  • Your dog is always welcome
  • You are fully responsible for ensuring that it doesn’t disturb other people in the office.
  • Don’t leave the dog alone
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the meeting rooms due to allergies.

Dogs are welcome everywhere at Helio, except at Hötorget where our wall-to-wall carpeting doesn’t work well with fur. If you’re interested in an office space in Stockholm or Malmö, feel free to contact us at or 0852223200.

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