gunnar söderström

Have you ever thought about to what extent we as co-workers affect our collective work environment? Gunnar Söderström gives us an inspiring and important reminder that we need to remember to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, as it can make all the difference in our work life.

We’ll be getting suggestions and strategies on how to improve results and happiness at work through a truly good work environment. The result? Simply put, a more successful and healthy organization. Gunnar also brings it to an individual level, explaining what we need to do to improve our own wellbeing and how to extract strength from within.

Gunnar is a mental health trainer for Brynäs A-team, and was voted Speaker of the Year – Breakthrough Man 2019. MySpeaker and Gunnar hope that you’ll leave the seminar with an increased consciousness of why your mental health matters, but most of all: With new motivation, new insights and feeling like “I know more now”.

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