Imagine you’re starting a business podcast with thousands of listeners every week! Your new pod will not only be a PR-rocket, but also a kind of modern magazine for sound. Lars Carlén reveals how you create content that really connects with the audience and in turn, make them recommend you to others.

The podcast strategist and producer Lars Carlén’s goal is to contribute with ideas for consistent material and distribution. Lars is the journalist who during the last 19 years had done interviews with for example Internetworld, Finanstidningen, Industry Standard Sverige and Du&Co. On top of that, he’s done books for Liber. He’s realized that regardless of the channel, there are three things that determine if your message will reach the audience: genuine stories, proper preparation and execution and a creative strategy for distribution.

Besides great tips for your current or future podcast, we’ll also be serving a tasty lunch as usual – everything you need to do is send an email to before December 11 to secure your spot!

If you’d like to get some good advice about pods, you’ll find Lars’ pod tips on Tonträff för podd.

Photography: Mattias Lindbäck

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