At GT30, you’ll find our streaming studio right next to to our big lounge. Here, you can host a variety of streamed events and handle interactions, pre-recorded material, graphics and many other productions. We’ve got all the equipment you need and we will give you the support you need for production. You can stream through all major platforms – Zoom, Teams, Youtube, Webex and many more. We also welcome your guests, and we’ll arrange for anything from scripts to coffee to technology, so that you can focus on being in front of the camera.

To make it easy for you, we’ve made 3 different packages for you to book. What’s always included when you book the streaming studio is lighting, recording in mp4, a white backdrop that you can light in any color, sharing Powerpoints and slides, graphics and titles, furniture and plants in the background. And of course, you can use a physical logo in the background if you wish.

The small package All of the above, with 1 camera, 2 microphones and one technician on site.

The medium package All of the above with 2 camera, one cameraman, 2 microphones, 2 on site technicians, playback of external material and ProRes recording.

The large package All of the above with 3 cameras, 2 camera men, 5 microphones, 3 on site technicians, playback of external material and ProRes or ISO recording.


  • Size 0 sqm
  • Projector/Screen Yes
  • 1GB Wifi Yes
  • Catering Yes
  • Video conference Can be added


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